My turntable is temporarily out of action so this post is in lieu of a crate digging update.

Some time ago, I saw Matt Hoye raving about a little indie game called Venineth. I think he said it was the perfect little game to relax to. I don’t regularly play games but I could sometimes do with some help relaxing. I was reminded about Venineth when I saw some buzz about Exo One, a similar-looking game, so I thought I’d give Venineth a go.

picture of a vinyl record

A scene near the start of Venineth

It’s great fun: Relaxing, mildly challenging, and satisfying. It didn’t run terribly well on my T470s but I’ve since upgraded to a workstation which should handle it easily so I need to try it again.

The reason this is a substitute for a crate digging post: although I’ve not picked Venineth back up in a while, I have had the soundtrack on a reasonably heavy rotation. It’s an immersive, synth driven instrumental album by polish musician Echo Ray that is good music to listen to when concentrating.