I wasted a lot of hours playing these games when I was a School student. I don't have much time to play games any more and I most definitely do not identify as a "gamer".


Doom introduced me to PCs and programming. I've been building and tweaking with Doom for over 20 years.

Elite/Frontier/First Encounters

Frontier: First Encounters

Frontier: First Encounters

My first experience with these games was Frontier: Elite II on the Amiga, which was one of the most remarkable games I'd ever seen. I've made some notes about playing these classic games on modern machines.

UFO: Enemy Unknown

A bad situation in UFO

UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka XCOM: UFO Defense) was a superb game, the longevity of which was much improved by some third party tools like XCOMUtil. A modern, streamlined remake *XCOM: Enemy Unknown" was released in 2012.



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