I'm a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, computing enthusiast (some hardware but mostly software); a guest member of staff at the School of Computing at Newcastle University (UK), working as part of the Computing History Special Interest Group, a PhD student (part-time) at the same School and a volunteer Developer for the Debian project.

Rather try to sum myself up in a sentence or two, why not have a browse around the site and draw your own conclusions. The most frequently updated part of my site is my weblog. The site is biased towards computing-related stuff: I am also interested in cycling, ice skating, photography, fiction, music, film, etc.

In the past I have been in a variety of IT-related roles at Newcastle University culminating with Head of Support for the School of Computing Science. In 2012 I served as a council-member of FLOSS UK (formerly UKUUG).

Contacting me

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I'm happy to receive PGP-signed mail. My current key is:

I am happy to verify this in person and do key exchanges.

My previous keys were:

  • FD350B0AC6DD5D91DB7A83D1168B4E717032F238
  • E037CB2A1A0061B943363C8B0907409606AAAAAA
  • 67DFA2367BF9CC99AC02EC6D74C13C22BADDBAAC


I'm on various social networking sites. That page is PGP-signed by my key if you want to verify whether it's really me.

I'm on a lot of IRC networks, user Jon, although I rarely chat in real-time, I can respond to messages.

I'm on the Fediverse: (or search for

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This site is powered by ikiwiki, a static site generator described as a "wiki compiler". I've made a number of modifications which can be found in the software area of this site.

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