For my PhD, I'm currently working on my "1st" year Progression Report. The last formal deliverable I produced was my Project Proposal a (calendar) year ago. I've just realised I hadn't shared that here, so here we go, in the hope that this is interesting and/or useful to someone: PhD Proposal - Jon Dowland.pdf

When I started working on that, I cast around to find examples of other people's. I've attempted to do much the same for my Progression Report. In both cases I have been unable to find a great deal of examples of other people's proposals or reports. The exact format of these things is likely specific to your particular institution, or even your academic unit within your institution, and so a document produced for one institution's expectations might not be directly applicable to another. (I didn't want to directly apply such a thing of course.) If you do find a sample, you don't have any idea whether it has been judged to be particularly good or bad one by those who received it (you can make your own judgements). This is true of my own Proposal too.

In a "normal", full-time PhD, you would likely produce a proposal within a few months of starting, and your first Progression Report towards the end of your first academic (not calendar) year: so, a mere 6 months or so later. Since I am doing things part-time, this is all stretched out: I submitted the proposal in March last year, and my Progression Report is due next month, in June. Looking back at the Proposal now (for the first time in a while, I must admit), it's remarkable to me how "far" the formulation of my goals from then is compared to now.

Once I've had my Progression report passed I hope to share it here, too. Edit: here.