On 21st October 2004, Robert Smith of the Cure sat in for John Peel whilst he was on holiday and presented his show. This was part of a sequence of people covering for Peel. Off the top of my head Siouxie of the Banshees sat in on another night, but I forget who else.

Anyway, sadly, John died a few days later on the 25th.

Before John's death, in response to his pre-recorded show being butchered by the BBC, Smith posted an angry message on the Cure's website, which included the tracklisting as he had originally prepared. After John's death was announced, Smith deleted the post from his site, no doubt out of respect for Peel and to avoid any mis-interpretation.

I recorded the show onto minidisc when it was broadcast and discovered a lot of music that I loved and hadn't heard of before. I've just stumbled across a copy of Smith's post, including the tracklist, so for historical interest's sake, here it is (with only light typographical editing).

If anyone cares enough, I could have a look for that minidisc…