This is a fairly redundant post, but I am updating regarding the death of John Peel. I am greatly saddened to learn of the passing of who can only be described as one of the most fantasticly eclectic and warm DJs ever to have broadcast.

I have listened on and off to Peel for years - off mostly, for the last couple of months. I haven't really listened to any music as I've been moving around so much - uni, home, holiday, home, work - but its been on my mind to settle into the old routine.

I last read something about Peel when I learnt that Robert Smith was guest presenting Peel's show for a night of his holiday. I didn't get a chance to tune into Peel as he died the next day.

Quite frankly, John Peel is irreplaceable. His loss will be felt greatly by fans of his show, and by struggling musicians looking for recognition - like Orbital, Pulp, the Undertones, Blur, the Cure, New Order, etc. etc.