Too many years ago, I started (but did not finish) a series of blog posts on the topic of Imaging Optical Media. I was writing it as I was figuring out the process to use whilst importing my own piles of home-made CD-Rs and DVD-Rs to a more suitable storage.

Back in 2018 Antoine Beaupré blogged about being inspired by my article series to sort out his optical media collection, and wrote up his notes so far.

This inspired me (in 2018!) to change the approach for writing up what I'd been doing. Instead of a series of blog posts, I've dumped all the material I have written in one place: imaging discs. I've also reduced the scope somewhat, deciding that "Organising the extracted files" is a large enough (and orthogonal) topic to deserve its own page (if I ever write anything about it).

The "new" material is really two unfinished blog posts: ?figuring out disc contents and ?Retrying damaged/degraded discs. I post them now in the hope that they are useful despite being unfinished.