Coolermaster case on the right

Coolermaster case on the right

Φόβος (phobos) is the name of my NAS, backup and home server.

It's a small (ish) size, passively-cooled PC that I leave on 24/7 and performs various duties for me, most importantly being a large archive storage space and a separate backup space.

This page is intended to describe the specific hardware in use; more general details about software and usage are at NAS.

It's now on its second mainboard, notes about the first one are at J1900N-D3V. Notes on even older NAS hardware: Mac mini G4, Thecus n2100.


Power consumption


  • SoC: 10W (Intel TDP), some people experiencing draw of about 14W idle with one SSD connected

I plan to do some power draw measurements in the near future.

Some notes

The Coolermaster case is high-quality. It's much bigger than I'd like, but is the smallest case I could find at the time. It's about the same size as a HP Microserver (which I was continually recommended when I re-specced this machine) and there's at least growing room.

Front/side USB port problems

The front (side) USB ports are weird. They are mounted upside down in the case. With two different mainboards I've had a succession of problems using them for removable storage.


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Do you run this fully passively cooled, ie. no fans at all? Is this ok with the HDDs? What are their temps and how long have they been running like that? Were there any failures of any parts since creating Phobos?
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Answering what I can right now: no fans, no failures. Disk temperatures a steady figure below their max operating temperature according to their specifications; I can’t remember the number off hand but I think they’re in the low 40s °C. This has been running for about 3 years now.
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Both disks are currently at around 35°C. I think this is pretty constant, but it might depend on the season of the year. I've just put in place an additional monitoring step so I can track it better going forward.

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Can you post SMART data of these HDDs?

I'm trying to decide currently whether to go for this Cooler Master case or for Chieftec IX-01B/IX-03B. The latter is much smaller (although the CM isn't big either and shouldn't be a problem to move around) and fit for passive cooling, but hold only one HDD, so max 8-10TB right now for me for the whole unit, that may very well be enough for me up to the point where SSDs are cheap enough to use them for this purpose. Putting fans in that Chieftec is not great, because it can hold only 50mm ones and these seem to be louder.

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