Coolermaster case on the right

Coolermaster case on the right

Φόβος (phobos) is the name of my NAS, backup and home server.

It's a small (ish) size, passively-cooled PC that I leave on 24/7 and performs various duties for me, most importantly being a large archive storage space and a separate backup space.

This page is intended to describe the specific hardware in use; more general details about software and usage are at NAS.

It's now on its second mainboard, notes about the first one are at J1900N-D3V. Notes on even older NAS hardware: Mac mini G4, Thecus n2100.


Power consumption


  • SoC: 10W (Intel TDP), some people experiencing draw of about 14W idle with one SSD connected

I plan to do some power draw measurements in the near future.

Some notes

The Coolermaster case is high-quality. It's much bigger than I'd like, but is the smallest case I could find at the time. It's about the same size as a HP Microserver (which I was continually recommended when I re-specced this machine) and there's at least growing room.

Front/side USB port problems

The front (side) USB ports are weird. They are mounted upside down in the case. With two different mainboards I've had a succession of problems using them for removable storage.