I developed an interest in archiving, and writings about it are linked to below. Here's an annotated list of some stuff I've helped to preserve. You could visit this live archive.org query for my uploads which might be more up-to-date than what is below.


In 2015 I started a project to catalogue and import a box of old, long-thought-to-be-lost Amiga floppy disks that we found in my parent's loft, as well as resurrect my Amiga 500.

Computing History at Newcastle

~ In 2015 I started a "Historic Computing Special Interest Group" at Newcastle University with various topic strands. In 2016 this metamorphosed into "Historic Computing at Newcastle", and largely focussed on the large collection of historic hardware amassed by the late Roger Broughton. I chaired the Committee from 2018 until 2019. See Some preliminary blogging here; Historic Computing at Newcastle Blog; Artefact Collection.

Writings, etc.


Blog posts:

Annoted list of preservation efforts


Conference proceedings etc.

Coverdisks (floppies, CDs, DVDs)

Shovelware CDs (mostly)



Website dumps

Nine Inch Nails stuff

Pre-December 2016 NIN sites including remix.nin.com with a lot of user-made content were made inaccessible with a NIN website refresh. However, the old hosting provider were still serving the content if you talked to the right servers (overrode DNS)

I tried to coordinate the rescue and perform some of the backup operations; most of the eventual work was done by purplesymphony



dumping instructions.

Wikis to consider dumping next cycle:

  • https://ethw.org/ETHW:About (last dumped 2020)
  • https://gunkies.org/wiki/Main_Page

Linux Journal

Just starting to check this. LJ finally closed its doors in 2019. archive.org have a collection: https://archive.org/details/linuxjournalmagazine# but we aren't sure whether it's epub and PDF full-texts are comprehensive. There's a private repository here: https://linuxjournal.rocks/issue-archive;