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I don't play many video games any more, and I certainly don't consider myself a gamer. If I have time and brain power, I like to write code or work on my PhD; if I don't have brain power I read, watch movies or TV. However last Summer, lured by the launch titles Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I bought a Nintendo Switch. I've actually played some games on it now, although I surprised myself by playing lesser-known and indie titles rather than the AAA names. My favourite games are ones I can pick up and play for 5-10 minutes at a time without losing time to tutorials, introductory videos, and other such nonsense. I thought I'd recommend some games. First up, Virtua Racing.

I actually bought this for the office Switch before I had my own. It's re-release of the 1992 arcade racer. I have fond memories of Arcades in the 90s (although I don't think I played this game). It's conceptually simple: three tracks, few options (you can choose manual or automatic transmission). But there's some hidden depth in there: it models slipstream, tyre wear and other effects.

The fun of it for me is trying to beat my personal best and that of my colleagues. But I haven't actually placed above 3rd on the intermediate course or even finished the advanced one, so despite its simplicity, there's plenty of mileage in it for me. It also looks great, rending at a smooth 60fps. The large untextured polygons were once a design decision due to the limitations of the hardware in 1992 and are now an in-fashion aesthetic.


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Thanks for the recommendation, I have similar gaming requirements to you so I'm busy installing it on my Switch Lite right now.
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PS: I'll return a recommendation of a brain training game I've been enjoying too called "Not not", a puzzle game that's so simple yet so challenging it's frustrating, and you can play it for just a few minutes at a time which is great.
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Hey Jonathan, I'm glad this was useful to you. I hope you enjoy Virtua Racing! I'll post my next Switch blog post sometime this week. And thanks for your recommendation!
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If you like independent games and especially racing games I can only wholeheartedly recommend "Fast RMX". It is an extremely fast paced racing game, similar to F-Zero on the SNES. It is one of the most instant fun games I have ever played, certainly worth its money.
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Thanks Fabian! I have considered that one a few times. A friend at work recommended "Redout" too but that one is much more expensive. I'll keep Fast RMX in mind. Best wishes!