Rage is the latest game by Id Software, a company whose prior work I have an immense fondness for. I picked it up at the same time as buying a refurbished Playstation 3 a few weeks ago.

Sadly, I'm not too impressed.

The graphics are very pretty, most of the time, but the PS3 suffers the same problem which has plagued the PC version, namely, texture pop-up: A noticeable delay for a low-resolution texture to be swapped in for a high-resolution one.

I'm only about 45 minutes in but my experience mirrors that of Rock Paper Shotgun's: It's desperately trying to disguise it's own linearity.

Finally, and most crucially, I'm suffering majorly from motion sickness after more than a few minutes of play. This might be related to the fact that Rage's framerate is apparently double that of most games at 60 frames per second. Whatever the explanation, I can't play it if it makes me sick to do so!

I may trade it in for the similarly-themed Fallout: New Vegas, which I held off buying simply because I thought two post-apocalyptic FPS games was too many. I loved Fallout 3 (albeit on Xbox 360), logging perhaps 50+ hours of play with plenty more to do; but I don't think I could return to the beginning of that game.