Via Boing Boing, I stumbled across an excellent audio/visual project called instagr/am/bient: 25 ambient pieces of music inspired by 25 photos on the instagram photo service.

The original upload featured a high-resolution PDF of the pictures, with MP3 audio and low-quality embedded copies of each picture as each track's artwork. I was a little disappointed about this, as I thought the tracks would be best appreciated next to the higher-quality picture that inspired them. So, I fixed it:

Instagr/am/bient (HD images)

This was possible thanks the liberal licensing of the original, but also two excellent pieces of software: pdfimages (from the poppler-utils package) and eyeD3, which made it not just possible but trivial.

See also the 9.5M accompanying PDF.

I do like what people are creating with instagram; I also like the "tumble-blog" approach to sharing similar images. I occasionally rotate the indexpics on my site; perhaps I should do so more often, and publish the new ones on my blog, too.