hwadtools (named as a tip-of-the hat to xwadtools) is a small set of simple utilities for manipulating and building files relating to the game Doom.

The motivation is partly due to a lack of modern simple tools, but mostly an excuse for me to practise my Haskell.

You can grab them from https://github.com/jmtd/hwadtools.

The tools included so far are

  • lswad -- list the directory entries of a Doom WAD file
  • waddiff -- compare two WADs
  • wadxtract -- split a WAD file out into constituent lumps and recipe (very alpha)
  • wadcat -- concatenate 2 or more input WAD files into an output PWAD
  • wadstats -- statistics e.g. number of nodes,linedefs,sectosr, or types of things on given maps, in YAML format

Forthcoming tools that are not finished yet are

  • wadbuild -- (re-)assemble a WAD from a recipe and constituent files

Future tools I might write include

  • hbsp -- a node-building tool
  • hwadc -- some kind of Haskell-powered successor to wadc

Suggestions for other tools are welcome!