WadC is a programming language (formally, a normal-order evaluated functional language1) for the construction of Doom maps. Think of it like Logo on steroids, with demons and shotguns.

The current version of WadC is 3.1. (Here's a zip). You can get the WadC source code from github.

Getting started

WadC session running [pipeloop.wl](https://github.com/jmtd/wadc/blob/master/examples/beta/pipeloop.wl)

WadC session running pipeloop.wl

WadC requires Java and several Doom prerequisites to use. See setup to get WadC's and its pre-requisites set up.

Check out the gallery of examples to see the kind of things you can do. The gallery includes in-game pictures, top-down map renderings and links to ready-to-play WADs.

Try hacking an existing example or writing your own: see the introductory tutorial and the language reference.

If you want some ideas for things to do, take a look at the WadC HACKING guide.

New in 3.1

[blockmap.wl](https://redmars.org/wadc/examples/#_blockmap_wl) being reloaded (click for animation)

blockmap.wl being reloaded (click for animation)

3.1 introduces tuneable parameters ("knobs") and an experimental built-in archclip, which produces abbreviated arches.

Check the release notes for the full details.

Version 3.1 of WadC is dedicated to Kayvan Walker (1983-2022). RIP. Thank you Kayvan for introducing me to Doom, amongst a great many more important things.


Have you made a cool WadC level? Let's put it in WadC! The easiest way to collaborate is to send a pull request on github. Feel free to make suggestions or report bugs via github issues.

You can also just email me if you don't like GitHub, or leave a comment on this page.

See also

WadC was originally written by Wouter van Oortmerssen (Aardappel). Aardappel's historic WadC web page and version 1.1 are available at http://strlen.com/wadc/.

Bird Cage, a WadC-generated map for Heretic
Bird Cage map