On 14th July 2009, NIN played a gig at the Manchester MEN Arena, in Manchester UK. The purpose of this page is to collate the varous audio and video copies of this gig that exist to facilitate a possible multicam edit.


  1. Somewhat Damaged
  2. Terrible Lie
  3. Heresy
  4. March Of The Pigs
  5. Piggy
  6. Metal
  7. The Becoming
  8. I'm Afraid Of Americans
  9. Burn
  10. Gave Up
  11. La Mer
  12. The Fragile
  13. Gone, Still
  14. The Way Out Is Through (Unorthadox)
  15. Wish
  16. Survivalism
  17. Suck
  18. The Day The World Went Away
  19. The Hand That Feeds
  20. Head Like A Hole
  21. Hurt


  • pit filmed video by Unorthadox, partial (Unorthadox)
  • audio bootleg from dime, all songs (dime)
  • audio bootleg by monkeyguy, partial (so far) (monkeyguy)

Undoubtably countless youtube videos.