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I've knocked together some apple iphone-format ringtones:

demon seed


These ringtones are derived from the multitrack sources for "Demon Seed", the final song from the Nine Inch Nails album "The Slip".

They are released under a Creative Commons attribution-sharealike-noncommercial license, as is the track they are derived from.

Get the full track (and the full album) from


I use an excerpt of the instrumental version of "March of the Pigs" for my SMS-alert tone: motp chime.wav.

We're In This Together 2008

This is an attempt to put together my favourite edit of We're In This Together. Featuring some of the edits from the radio edit release, but not losing the extended guitar solo no piano outro, and extending the outro with some of the piano arrangements that were featured when the song was played live during the 2007 tour.


  • manchester 2009 — information about bootlegs of their performance in Manchester, England, in 2009.

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