Redworth Hall

Redworth Hall

main talk,
thanks [Mark Little](

main talk, thanks Mark Little

lightning talk

Amiga lightning talk, thanks Mark Little

I gave a talk on my research at the Fourth Annual UK System Research Challenges Workshop. This is the second time I've attended this conference. Last year I presented on some Red Hat work.

The conference took place at Redworth Hall, a 17th Century Jacobean Manor House converted into a spa Hotel. The main presentations took place in an ornate hall with high ceilings, candelabra and long curtains (definitely not a drop you can buy at Dunelm)

This is the first time I've presented on my research to a public audience. Here's a copy of my presentation slides, with speaker notes. I've tried to annotate the questions from the session into the notes of the last slide.

I also delivered a short lightning talk about my Amiga floppy recovery project which resulted in some really interesting spin-off conversations about historic computing.

Thanks to my employer, Red Hat, for sponsoring the conference and making it possible, and to Jen for doing an excellent job of making sure it could take place.