Here's a tip for mobile Twitter users who are frustrated with either shortcomings of the Twitter app, or the invasive nature of social media apps in general: delete the app, and just use the mobile web view.

I've been doing this for a while now, and the experience is much better for me. With the app, I regularly had my current view of either a timeline or a specific tweet interrupted or lost when the app decided to refresh. With the web view, I have my browser's history and back/forward buttons, and the ability to bookmark specific tweet URIs if I so wish.

I can open multiple windows with different tweets in them, if I want to keep a few around as reminders for something or other. I can switch between multiple tweets; or tweets, the timeline and something completely different, and not lose my views. I can follow a link from a tweet and not be bounced to a different app (or worse: an app-specific, built-in browser with none of my browser settings or sessions, a fresh round of hell clicking on the Cookie and Privacy Choices pop-ups), and clicking "Back" from such articles brings me back to where I came from.

But most importantly, if I get sick and tired of Twitter at any given moment, I can just close that browser tab. I don't have an omni-present Twitter icon on my phone calling me to click on it. It's just a website, like many others, that I can choose to visit, or not, whenever I want. The Twitter web experience is certainly less polished than the app one, but ultimately I feel like I'm in control of it, rather than the other way around.