BBC Radio 6 are promoting a quite remarkable program called Dream Ticket, where you can request basically anything at all from the BBC archives to be played on the show.

I've been thinking and there are two things that I would love to hear again, above all else.

The first was a program by Steve Lamacq in what must have been between 1998 and 2000 about Straightedge. It was remarkable for me because it was my first introduction into the bizarre world of music beyond the radio A-List. I remember distinctly hearing Minor Threat for the first time on that program.

The second is a relatively recent Peel Session and interview with Jack White, from late 2004. The session I probably have somewhere: stuck MP3s up, but shamefully they didn't put the interview up too. I remember that John could not contain his enthusiasm to discuss the things he'd heard recently that he thought Jack would like, and vice versa. At one point he stopped the interview to rummage around in his studio and find a particular cassette (yes cassette, in 2004 - I wonder how long he'd had it?) for Jack to borrow, right on air.