For a while I've been wanting to tidy up some of my existing ikiwiki hacks, as well as test some changes I'd like to make to this site, but I hadn't had much success with setting up environments to play with it. That was until earlier in the year, when as a bit of an experiment I tried to put ikiwiki in docker.

I've put up a preliminary image for anyone who is curious. It's in a very early state. When you start up the image, you get a HTTP daemon listening on port 8080 and serving a basic ikiwiki from /. A single administrative user is defined, user admin and password password. The CGI is set up (path /cgi) and websetup is enabled.

The ikiwiki instance is configured with git as the vcs backend and the git HTTP backend is also enabled at path /git. It is set up for anonymous pull and HTTP basic authentication for push, with admin/password.

There's still a lot to do before this is useful for what I want to do with it, and I would strongly advise against using it for anything except testing yourself, unless you are going to layer on some changes (HTTPS and change the credentials at the very least!) but I thought I'd put it out there. If you have any suggestions for it, please either file an issue or leave a comment here.

It's built on top of the stuff I mentioned last time but it should rebase on top of the "semi-official" Debian images without problems.