I haven't posted a crate digging picture for a while: Amongst other distractions, I needed to replace my turntable needle. The dead needle lasted me about 20 years, although a fair chunk of that was not spent not doing anything.

yellow 7inch record playing

I love Cosey Fanni Tutti's solo work, as well as her stuff with Chris Carter and some other collaborations: although I was familiar with Throbbing Gristle, it was the live experiment Carter Tutti Void and the recording of it pressed as Transverse that got me interested. "Tutti" was one of my top albums of 2019. Her autobiography Art, Sex, Music was fascinating. I haven't read the follow-up, Re-Sisters yet, but it's on my list. The Arena documentary she was involved with DELIA DERBYSHIRE: THE MYTHS AND THE LEGENDARY TAPES was fabulous. I've yet to hear Tutti's soundtrack album taken from it.

This morning's record is a 7" from Electronic Sound magazine with two dark ambient instrumental pieces.