Summary of debian related work this weekend:


As threatened in a previous post, I have revamped the doom-data package available at It now slipstreams your IWAD file into a pre-prepared .deb and installs that, solving all of the deficiencies I pointed out with the previous design. I could really use some testers before I ask a sponsor to consider it for debian.


Quite a lot of package work is now finished for 4.4.902 and I'm going to submit it to my sponsor to take a look at.


The admins are getting tired of receiving loads of debian security advisories (DSAs) for packages that we aren't interested in, so I wrote this program to filter them based on the local computer's package list. (the script is currently called rmail.rb).

It is designed to be used as part of a filter such as procmail. It marks up the mail with an X-DSAFilter-Result header which you can then use to decide whether to deliver the message or not.

My long term plan is to keep a list of packages for each of my debian installations on the filtering box, and generate a mail for each box which has a vulnerable package. I can then use the mails as a check-off list. Right now, I get one DSA for each vulnerability and I keep a mental check of which machines are updated and which aren't.