In part 1 I said when I have a change I'll just edit this blog post which will bump it. That way I'll have all the info in the right place together. Well, I've decided to make a copy when I have something to say instead. This way, I needn't duplicate relevant information in each revision.

PS2 keyboard (simply doesn't work after grub. Bah!)

Possibly related to the following debian-user thread which unfortunately yields no useful info. My kernel version is 2.6.8-2-686-smp. I think this is relevant as the installer worked fine. Maybe I should install a 2.4 series kernel too.

another thread suggests trying to get more debug info or disabling ACPI, two avenues I must try.

Note that my USB keyboard works, although I prefer the PS2 one (call me a luddite). Also when the battery in the USB one dies I'm not too interested in having to replace it.

boot speed (parallel startup or inetd-ize as much as poss)

Whilst poking around dmesg for the above problem I realised that my default modules list is pretty big. Modules for the tv tuner, sound card, graphics tablet etc. needn't be loaded unless I try to use the device in question. Also there's tons and tons of USB output: 74/317 lines. Action point: clean out the default modules.