This coming week is FOSDEM! If you're like me and find schedule planning easier with paper and highlighters, this might be useful.

FOSDEM provide a (30 page) schedule PDF for printing, but the printing order doesn't clearly show which tracks are in parallel.

By re-ordering the pages, inserting some blanks, scaling the pages down 50% and arranging 2 on each physical page, I ended up with this monstrosity:

printed and ready for the highlighters!

It looks like Sunday might need more tweaking…

So I remember how I did it for next time:

pdfjam --twoside -o fosdem_2020_a4_reordered.pdf --nup 1x2 a4.pdf \

edit, Sunday morning: I've just made a tweak to the end of the Sunday side to improve legibility.

And here it is. Enjoy!

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote a very good blog post on how to survive FOSDEM.