Day 9 is a bit of a strange one. I had a rare three evenings spare, but I have been feeling very ill so I didn't achieve much, relatively, despite the increase.

I update game-data-packager with experimental support for Hexen 2, which paved the way for uploading the first version of uhexen2, which has been accepted into experimental contrib. I also sponsored a new version of vavoom, both by Gustavo Panizzo.

Picking up the pre-freeze musicbrainz work, I contacted the musicbrainz devel mailing list to see if they had any definitive plans to get rid of the old web services API, which a lot of packages in soon-to-be-stable depend upon.

I also got in touch with linuxppc-devel regarding suspend to RAM on a PowerPC G4 Mac Mini. This is presently not supported due to lack of support for waking up the graphics chip; however I'm running the mac headless.

Finally I want to try and put more time into stuff which is relevant for the next release. The best interface to relevant RC bugs, in my opinion, is the Ultimate Debian Database (UDD) 'bugs' query. I considered hacking a copy of that to display stuff only for a given maintainer, and then track what RC bugs were owned by the Debian Games Team. I didn't get that far, but I did submit an inaugural patch and fix a wiki page.