And we've frozen!

How have we done on the musicbrainz stuff? I was really pleased to see Michael Biebl upload new sound-juicer (four bugs closed!), rhythmbox and gnome-sushi packages which move them up to musicbrainz5. I NMUed goobox (with the maintainer's permission) but sadly there was a build issue and the NMU was reversed with a second upload, so it's back to using libmusicbrainz3 in the freeze. that leaves two more packages. I haven't discussed or considered putting forward this 'transition' for freeze exceptions, but Pino Toscano raised a good point: upstream might not support the version 1 WS API (which libmusicbrainz3 depends on) throughout the wheezy lifetime. Some more research here is needed.

What else?

NMU of acpidump to resolve a trivial manpage error that I filed a patch for two years ago; the latest flactag upstream version; a new version of game-data-packager, incorporating stuff Joey Schmit patched last year, which fixes Heretic support and adds Hexen support; a new version of chocolate-doom.

The last two are particularly interesting because I'm in Uploaders: despite having left the Games team last year: there have been no subsequent uploads before my latest ones. I removed myself from Uploaders: with these uploads, which technically means they are NMUs.

What next?

Typically I find the freeze time a hard one to work on Debian. I've never been very effective at chasing and resolving RC bugs. On the other hand, long, protracted freezes are demotivational for everyone. I'm going to try and focus on goals which hasten the release of wheezy and resist the urge to work on things that would not show up until wheezy+1.