One interesting side-effect of setting aside a regular slot of time for a task is that you are guaranteed to spend some time, perhaps not much, thinking about that task, every week. As a consequence, even one evening a week is enough for me to think about my Debian work at other times. This means I am in a better position to use any unplanned free time more effectively.

This Tuesday was a bank holiday which I spent on DIY, lounging in a chocolate shop and catching up on The Apprentice, so there wasn't a 'Debian Day' per se. However, I did upload a few versions of lhasa. Following on from last week's thoughts on sound-juicer, I'm pleased to report that the two folks working on a more recent musicbrainz update were in fact working together, and after some discussion Michael Biebl sponsored an upload. Thanks Michael! Once that had gone in I was free to sponsor flactag, which was packaged by the same folks.

There's some follow-on work to do for musicbrainz5. In Debian, gnome-mplayer, gnome-sushi, goobox, kdemultimedia, rhythmbox and sound-juicer need updating; I'm fairly sure Michael sorted out a patch for gnome-sushi at least but upstream want a patch that implements falling back to version 4 if version 5 doesn't exist.

Finally, I sponsored Gustavo's vavoom package.