Wow, my first "Debian day" in 2013, but it's a bit of a misnomer because I didn't do any Debian work tonight.

I spent some time poking at geary, Yorba's new email client which looks promising. I haven't managed to get it working much, though. Someone packaged an old version in Debian but it wouldn't work with either my home or my work IMAP/SMTP servers for various reasons. I did get a git checkout to build in March or April but that stopped working on Debian when they dropped "Precise" support (It seems they were backporting various GIR/Webkit bits and pieces into their own code and didn't want to carry that around any more). They've currently got a fundraiser going, they're aiming for $100k and (at the time of writing) need half of that with only 10 hours to go.

Recently I've also been trying to fix a rockbox bug on Sansa Fuze v1 which really cripples writing onto the Fuze. The original firmware does not support microsd capacities >32G which rules it out for me. Sadly the v1 version of the Fuze is uncommon enough that I don't think this bug is getting much attention. My investigations have been limited to fairly dumb bisect-like approaches, combined with lots of writing onto a microsd card (which will probably be killed dead by all this). My initial attempts at a bisect have failed as it turns out the problem is the inverse of a regression: it bizarrely seems as if the bug was fixed in a version-branch, rather than stopped working in one, so it has never been squashed in the main branch at all. Furthermore, the commit that seems to fix the problem is a totally benign version bump, and almost certainly hasn't fixed the bug. So with sufficient further testing I'll probably just prove that this bug has never been fixed. It might be time to switch tack and look into diagnosing the bug rather than trying to side-step it. Or perhaps just spend £15 on a Sansa Clip Zip and forget all about the Fuze v1. Either way I hope someone releases a 128G microsd card this year!

Every now and then I wonder whether it would make sense to package rockbox in Debian in some way. Probably not.