A few bits and pieces:

  • upload of chocolate-doom to re-add myself to uploaders and a freeze exception request since having no human maintainers is a policy violation, thanks to cauchy on IRC for the prod
  • Identified a bunch of other chocolate-doom documentation bugs that could be potentially fixed for wheezy if they would get freeze exceptions - asked
  • bup upload to fix #692009, also pushed the last few changes to the public VCS as they were in my local repository only.
    • OK the real truth here is I spent hours working in an out-of-date check out, trying to fight a problem that I'd already solved, uploaded and forgotten about. Admittedly my uploaded solution is perhaps not the best one but… so be it.
  • prodded Ganneff RE Gandi discounts
  • Played with Henrique's microcode packages. Might have discovered a bug, or might have just suffered for having APT::Install-Recommends set to false.
  • A bit of playing around with systemd - might have stumbled on a bug with systemd/gnome-shell/network-manager that prevents the icon from appearing in the desktop. Further investigation needed.
  • new prboom upload that fixes #579749 and also incorporates Fabian's work that I blogged about last week.
  • Started looking at vavoom's #691741 but run out of time. Prodded gustavo to update the git repo.