After my last post bemoaning the negativity on planet, psn suggested that perhaps I should post something positive. So here's what I'm working on at the moment.

First and foremost I suppose is debconf7. Initially I've basically been playing secretary to meetings. More recently, due to the list of complaints collectively known as "NoJune", I've been doing my best to investigate the possibility of moving the provisional dc7 booking date forward in time a week or two, towards July.

After several discussions staring at the time table and what info we had about other bookings, followed by several phone calls with the venue, I unfortunately have basically confirmed that the entirety of July and the last week of June are not open to us at all, so there's no way we can move the date.

My other main activity in Debian at the moment is as a member of the Debian Games Team, where I'm mainly working on doom-related packages in order to implement my world domination plans.

Due to the impending freeze I've been trying to work out what of the plan I can implement and get packages uploaded so that the Etch doom experience is as good as possible.