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debgtd in action

Recently the number of open bugs that I had submitted hit 100. I had completely lost track of which bugs I was interested in, which ones needed my attention, etc. so I started developing a prototype tool to try and help me keep track of it all. I've called it "debgtd", after getting things done, the self-improvement method which has proven very popular in IT culture.

The current prototype will import the list of bugs that you have submitted from the BTS and let you display them sorted either by severity or package name. You can "sleep" a bug if it does not require your attention at present (e.g. awaiting maintainer feedback), or "ignore" it if you no longer want to keep track of it (e.g. you've stopped using the package in question). Double-clicking a row invokes your system's default X web browser on the bug page.

This is enough at the moment to help me work through my backlog, although once I've done that I have ambitious plans for encoding more workflow into it (such as waking sleeping bugs up on events etc.).

Try it out and see what you think: : code and a more rambling explanation of plans for the tool are available here. It's written in python and uses pygtk for the UI.