This weekend gone I was up in Edinburgh for the debconf7 localteam local meeting. This was a mammoth 2½ hour meeting with a fair degree of parallel discussion going on. The minutes are up now.

I used my iRiver's built-in dictaphone to record the meeting and this has proven very helpful writing up the minutes. I am actually quite suprised at both the quality of the result and the fact it's battery survived recording, encoding and writing to disk the whole affair, with plenty of capacity to spare. The file came to 70MB.

Apart from the meeting, we got to visit the proposed venue and Neil, Phil and myself sampled some possible accomodation. There was generally a very positive feeling about things: Neil (who has attended a Debconf before: I haven't) seemed very happy/relieved when he saw the Hostel I was staying in and everyone was agreed that the Teviot was a fantastic venue (although networking and power should be fun).

Oh and there was lots of beer :)

Kate came up on the sunday and met us for some coffee before we went off and had a lovely meal at David Bann vegetarian restaurant.

There are some photos of the weekend up on flickr, or at least there will be, when I've finished uploading :)