I buy a lot of music from Bandcamp, but I rarely if ever download it: I rely on streaming it from the Bandcamp website, or mobile App. The prepper/archivist/hoarder in me is a little uncomfortable about that.

During the Pandemic, Bandcamp started a scheme called Bandcamp Fridays: days on which they waive their revenue share for music purchases, meaning musicians get a larger proportion of the proceeds. It proved an enormous success, and they've kept them going: you can check when the next one is scheduled via https://isitbandcampfriday.com/.

Bandcamp appear to offer a really good deal to artists (in comparison to other platforms) so I'm not too concerned about their percentage on other days of the year. But it occurred to me that if I wanted to maintain a habit of taking a local copy of the music I buy, perhaps I should schedule doing so on Bandcamp Fridays.