Sometimes people ask me which is the best entry point for Nine Inch Nails, and I have trouble answering. I've eventually decided that it's 2005's With Teeth.

Picture of 'With Teeth' playing on my turntable

I've pulled this from my pile of records to sell. Most Nine Inch Nails stuff seems to increase in value over time, and it's got to the stage that some of the ones in my collection are now valuable enough that I'm nervous to play them, which makes them a little pointless. A couple of years ago, a handful of the albums were re-issued (including With Teeth, here, and The Fragile, which hadn't been repressed since 1999). I had a vague plan to sell off my original pressings to someone who would appreciate them more and use the takings to buy the re-issues, but I didn't move fast enough, and now the re-issues are (for the most part) also sought-after.