Brian Eno's classic 1975 album Another Green World, with the iconic cover crop from Tom Philip's After Raphael. This is a recent pressing. I try to avoid buying new vinyl, and I think I got this as part of a trade-in swap two years ago when I went to get one of my first Covid vaccinations in Newcastle. It was the first time I'd been anywhere near a record shop (which was adjacent to the temporary vaccine centre) in a year or more, and I took the opportunity to bring in some records to sell. I definitely left with fewer records than I went in with, at least…

Another Green World on the turntable

What to say about this album? It's a classic, it's weirdly compelling, it dances over the line between engaging your attention and something you can have on in the background. Many of the tracks are quite short relative to the ideas they express: I imagine some remixer could have a lot of fun with it. The Big Ship is perhaps the standout, but I really like the title track, and opener Sky Saw too.

It's probably the first album written using using the oblique strategies card system.

Card reading 'You are an Engineer'