I was reminded of this record over the weekend, as Radio 4's Front Row was discussing the 50th anniversary of Kubrick's movie. To me, the soundtrack has a strange, whimsical, almost cynical element to it (especially with the selection of things like Pomp and Circumstance), but I was familiar with the movie before the soundtrack and it might just be the association that triggers those feelings.

Picture of 'A Clockwork Orange' vinyl record playing on my turntable

I think I picked this up at Tynemouth Market when I lived close by, but I'm not sure. I am sure I didn't pay much for it. Mine is a UK re-pressing from 1971.

The abridged (and sped-up) version of William Tell Overture is great for getting the kids to complete a task.

Burgess's novel (now 60 years old) has been on my to-read pile for years.

in 2018 Electronic Sound magazine featured a cover-mount CD "New Clockwork Music" of music inspired by this soundtrack: It's very good. I must dig that out…