I recently discovered the excellent BBC 6 Music: a digital-only radio station so good I'm almost convinced to buy a DAB radio for this one station alone. In particular, Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe, former Radio 2 exiles, hold an excellent afternoon slot. Stuart Maconie's late-night "Freak Zone" often has some really interesting stuff on it worth listening to, for example an entire episode dedicated to Brian Eno's "Obscure Records" label. Ubuweb recently put up the entire catalogue, by the way.

@WhatsOn6Music is a twitter bot I follow which tweets songs as they are played. This works because most of the BBC's DJ consoles are wired up to last.fm.

In recent times this bot has been broken a lot, so I got tired of it and made my own: @6musicbot. This one is powered by IFTTT so should not be plagued by whatever keeps breaking the other one: although it's also only as good as the last.fm feed powering it.

Let me know if you find it useful, interesting or have any other feedback.