vcs-lint is a script to (de-)lint version control repositories (or check-outs).

It's currently git-only and very Debian-packaging specific, but could grow into something larger.

I first blogged about this in July 2011: mr-lint, but the script has changed name (and implementation language) since then. I'm hoping that it can be included in the Debian devscripts packageยน.

Usage example

$ vcs-lint wd/debian/bup
wd/debian/bup: local branches not present in origin: rescue-diverge
wd/debian/bup: local branch debian does not match origin branch debian
wd/debian/bup: local branch master does not match origin branch master
wd/debian/bup: 5 missing upstream tags: 0.21, 0.17b, 0.20, 0.24b, 0.14a
wd/debian/bup: 3 missing debian tags: debian/0.17b-1, debian/0.20-2,

More info

See for more information and the source code.