• f-spot - Importing takes a copy of photos or moves, as you wish. Tagging does not alter photo files (held externally, although you can opt for internal tagging if you want it). Website claims "Editing photos in F-Spot is a breeze. Easily rotate, crop, resize, and adjust red eye and other color settings with a few simple clicks. Versioning ensures your originals are never altered.". In, rotating a picture adds an exif orientation tag, and doesn't seem to alter the picture bytestream at all. Cropping a photo results in a modified copy. You can revert to the original at any time. It's unclear if the crop operation was lossless.
  • picasa -
  • iphoto -
  • digiKam -

static generators

  • igal - basic, written in perl. Not really extensible (written badly).
  • llgal - extension of igal. Fixes many of the problems. Slow.
  • lazygal -
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