Tonight was the leaver's formal, for those of us about to graduate from Durham Uni. I was asked to do a speech on behalf of the male contingent; which was quite an honour... although unexpected. I haven't a reputation for oration, and my very brief speech reflected this - I delegated to a more traditional spokesperson which was received well.

It's quite an emotional time. The fact we're leaving and will not see many people again is hard to come to terms with. I have only just realised that the first and second years will depart from Durham tomorrow (we stick around till next week, when we graduate). Thus tonight (and at a pinch tomorrow morning) will be the last goodbyes. Would have been that is. Had I thought about it.

I've just popped into a late night takeaway to get a sandwich and had their tills crash on me. This meant I got free food - however I had been queueing for about 30 minutes with some loud and scary drunkards behind me. Breaking the till with all these hungry, large drunks could have ended in disaster. I scarpered double-quick.