Well it has been nearly a year since the earliest post on the front page of this site (although I didn't date it).

Whereas the first post was marking the end of the easter hols, this post marks the beginning of them.

I briefly mentioned IBM. I spent a few months working there last summer - it was great fun; I learned a lot about the linux kernel (but not a lot about business), and I met some really nice people.

One of those nice people was Mike Demars - a friendly, hard working french guy studying at Edinburgh Uni. I met up with him on the way back from the Ash concert I mentioned; was nice to see him (and Edinburgh). I have no pics of Mike from either IBM or Edinburgh, and he doesn't have a website (at the moment), so you'll have to take my word for it.

Oh yes, the Ash gig. Much like the last time I saw them, they were loud. Compared to Snow Patrol the tuesday before they didn't come across too well. Oddly enough I first saw Snow Patrol supporting Ash, about 3 years ago. They could really learn from SP's sound tech team, who managed to get the balance between clarity on the quiets with punch on the louds pretty much spot-on.

Got to love Glasgow, though. After the gig we went to a restaurant and got some breakfast at 1am.

Another nice guy from IBM is Chris Goodfellow (also, no website). He came to stay in Durham for a couple of days and reports as to having a great time. Again no photos! I had a good time showing him around.

In order to demonstrate to people like Eric how nice Durham and the North of England are, and given my experience as a tour guide with Chris, I shall be putting together some pages on the subject.

That paycheck film did come out in the UK, but it was diabolically bad.

That KSR book I mentioned (Forty Signs of Rain) is a great read - builds up characters basically, with very little plot actually going on. But this is refreshing change from the normal pace of books.

After spending years deriding the Trent Reznor wannabes that infest the doom community, I got hooked on some Nine Inch Nails and bought their three albums and the Broken EP.

I watched Fight Club for the 1,000,000th time the other day, and I have decided to take some of the advice on board (and not a moment too soon): You are not the clothes you wear. You are not the contents of your wallet.. In my case, I'm not the accumulated kipple that infests my room. I've been ruthlessly chucking out old crap I don't need any more, and I feel the better for it. I'd quite like to just burn it all away and see what kind of person I was at the other side.

Another good book - The Bridge by Iain Banks. Buy it, read the first three chapters. If you like it, book a weekend in Scotland (particularly Edinburgh & Glasgow) and read the next two thirds of the book there. Come back before the end.

My plans for this Easter hol are basically to revise my arse off and finish my Project. I'll keep you posted.