At Red Hat we've just shipped Universal Base Image (UBI) build images for OpenJDK. Download them with your favourite container manager, e.g.:

podman pull
podman pull

UBI, announced a year ago, is an initiative where you can obtain, share and build upon official Red Hat container images without needing a Red Hat subscription. Unlike something like CentOS, they aren't modified in any way (e.g. to remove branding), they're exactly the same base images that Red Hat products are built upon, composed entirely of Open Source software. Your precise rights are covered in the EULA.

I work on the Red Hat OpenJDK container images, which are designed primarily for use with OpenShift. We've been based upon the RHEL base images since inception. Although our containers are open source (of course), we haven't been able to distribute the binary images more widely than to Red Hat customers, until now.

These are based upon the "minimal" flavour base image and add an OpenJDK runtime and development packages (either JDK8 or JDK11, as per the image name) as well as Maven and OpenShift integration scripts that allow the image to be used with Source To Image.

If you give these a try, please let us know what you think! Comment here, on twitter, or file Issues or Pull Requests in the GitHub project.