I'm pleased to announce that something I've been working on for the last 6 or so months is now public: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8-based OpenJDK containers, for use with OpenShift. There are two flavours, one with OpenJDK 1.8 (8) and another for OpenJDK 11. These join the existing two RHEL7-based images.

If you have a Red Hat OpenShift subscription, follow the instructions in this Errata to update your image streams. The new images are named:


Last week Red Hat announced the Universal Base Image initiative: RHEL-based container images, intended to be a suitable base for other images to build upon, and available without a Red Hat subscription under a new EULA.

Our new OpenShift OpenJDK RHEL8 containers are built upon the UBI, as are (I believe) any RHEL8-based containers, but are not currently available under the UBI EULA as we incorporate content from the regular RHEL8 repositories not present in the UBI. If a UBI-based OpenJDK image, distributed under the UBI terms, would be interesting to you, please get in touch! What could it look like? Small, or kitchen-sink? Would you want builder content in it, or pure run-time? What environment would you want to use it in: OpenShift, or something else?