For a while now, I've wanted to increase my frequency of blogging. I've got roughly 24 draft posts which I haven't finished writing, stretching back to at least 2009, and several other topics that I haven't even begun to write about but have something in the back of my mind which I'd like to express. I have been self-censoring to an extent for two reasons:

  • I'd been publishing my blog posts (or links to them) elsewhere, in particular on Facebook, and I felt discouraged from writing on topics that I thought would not be interesting to many of those who I am connected to on Facebook (school friends, etc.)

  • I used twitter, and expressed shorter ideas there instead.

Neither of these are good enough reasons to do so: in the case of Facebook, I make very little use of it, and if people didn't find my posts interesting they can mute me, block me or ignore them. In the case of Twitter, my interest in it as a platform has waned since they have made it increasingly difficult to interact with them as a developer. I've given up trying to archive my own tweets, and so on longer think of it as a good place to express anything in isolation.

Going forward I'm going to make an effort to ignore their influence on me.