I am now back at home (and work) from my aformentioned holiday and the Linux technical conference 2005 (I'll write about the latter seperately).

The holiday was fantastic: three nights in Rome staying near the station (and near where the fourth London/21 July bomber was arrested), followed by three nights in Sorrento at Villa Oriana, followed by one last night in Rome.

Whilst in Rome we did the various tourist things: Forum; Colliseum; St' Peters Basilica; Sistine Chapel. In Sorrento we visited to the Isle of Capri, Pompeii, Erculano and Sorrento itself.

If anyone is considering visiting Italy, and the Naples or Amalfi coastal areas in particular, Kate and I highly recommend the Villa Oriana. It was a very comfortable, clean and friendly family business with the best breakfast I have ever had the pleasure to eat. Sorrento also scores highly (in comparison to Priano or Positano for example) as being a relaxed place to stay with a reasonable amount of horizontal space.

Photos are available at my gallery.