I started grumbling last monday, when I felt pretty shoddy. I put up a day of work anyway, as I had two meetings, one of which was quite some work to arrange.

Tuesday (my birthday) I called in sick and cancelled a night out afterwards. I spent much of tuesday and wednesday alternating between sleep and light-hearted playing with my laptop.

Thursday, some drunken teenagers celebrated their GCSEs by throwing a chunk of pavement through my neighbour's living room window.

This weekend I was due to travel to Cambridge on saturday in order to attend the debian-uk annual barbeque at steve macintyre's house, followed by a trip to york on the sunday to visit my friend pete. I did neither. In particular, I slept most of sunday.

The holiday time I've booked runs out on wednesday. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better for work on thursday!

I shall stop grumbling now.