I've finally enabled my filter plugin for blosxom, which I shall probably release when I've fixed a few little teething issues.

To filter out a post category from my site, you can use the 'filter' box - located on the bottom of the panel with the main design. By default, 'geek' and 'rubbish' posts are filtered out.

There's a bug where if you do not filter at least one category, the defaults will be filtered irrespective of your cookie settings. In the mean time I've created the 'rubbish' category, as a dummy you can always filter on (this means you can unfilter geek posts and see them should you be interested).

The plugin only works if you are not browsing a path explicitly and only if you are viewing the HTML version of my log.

I'm very glad to have finally sorted it out though, and to have made this log that little bit better. There's a working RSS feed now, and I'm syndicated at newsdot's temporary home. I've been wanting to make this site really impressive for ages, ever since I graduated and started looking for a job. Now I've got this log bit sorted, I can work on the rest.