Usually when I have a crap day it's either bad stuff at work (rare); possibly a bad driving lesson (also rare). Today I had a pretty good day at work (eventful at least, a DDoS) and a good driving lesson (albeit in arctic snow).

So from coming home and having a driving lesson somehow I am in a crap mood this evening. Maybe it's not having achieved anything. I tried out a ruby-powered wiki 'instiki', which is indeed easy to use, but I'm looking for something which is easy to integrate into an existing site: and instiki goes down the 'let's use our own webserver' road.

I also had the 'smart' idea to compile my own mutt and put some of my fave patches in there (header caching and thread-editing) however mutt is virtually unmaintained these days and the two patches now only work on grossly different versions.

Also I discovered my sound card doesn't work with debian/sarge out-of-the-box. For some reason, multisession DVD+R's are mounted as the first session only, but you can supply an optional argument to choose a different session (why is the latest one not the default?). The DVD drive at work makes a horribly whine when I put a DVD+R in so I don't want to experiment too much. Got some IO errors reading from it too.