I alluded in a recent post that I hadn't had much time for reading. Well, this week just gone I was to sit a driving theory test on friday, so I've spent all my free time on hazard perception training programs and reading the highway code.

My new car,

VW Lupo

I actually mixed my dates up and it's next friday, which is embarrassing. google maps gave me totally the wrong location for the place, but the paper A-Z sorted me out which was lucky. At least I know next week where to go.

I bought a VW Lupo this week (my first car). 1,500GBP, 65k on the clock (5k over average: 6 year old car). My insurance is in the 700GBP region per year. Went to Durham and back this weekend in it to drop my brother off at Uni.


Nine inch box

I received a nine-inch wide limited edition Nine Inch Nails vinyl box this week. That's right, a box, not a boxed set. However they're going for between 20 and 50 quid on ebay, which I find amazing. I might convert it into something a little more practical :)