Almost finished backing up the important stuff from my old computer's HD. As far as I can remember, there isn't any stuff on there which is important enough to worry about the technicians poking around - although I'd feel better microwaving the drive before I send it in. Of course that might affect my warranty.

I managed to fill about 6 DVDs of stuff so far. This seems like an insane amount of data. I think the trouble is, our `needs' for storage have grown faster than supply, so writable DVD's aren't so much as a novelty as a long-overdue convenience. Or maybe I shouldn't have grabbed so much crap from the university network before I left. I'm sure I'll never watch that Ewoks TV-movie, or any of those Samurai Pizza Cats (I got these for my brother, honest!).

Right now I am typing this via my aging AMD K6-2 450mhz. It can just about run konqueror, although GTK2 apps (including mozilla) are out of the question - Pango is too much for it. To be honest, GTK2 apps are too slow even on the 2ghz machine I am taking back.

I got a job! I'll post more details when the fine-print has dried etc. but in short this is a huge relief.

I have a number of software projects on the go, a few of which I will be shelving soon. I hope to write up a page of work done with code etc. for these projects, to be ressurrected by myself at a later date, or someone else willing in the meantime.